Best Restaurants In Abuja

Best restaurants in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria.

Abuja is one of the luxurious cities found in this country. As in the case of many other capital cities of different countries; Luxury, flashy lifestyles, vacations and enjoyment are always the most leading part of life in such buzzing cities. These lifestyles encompasses all other aspect of that particular city.

Though a larger beauty of Abuja is seen in the natural occurrence of the Aso rock, we have seen and heard majority of the talks about Abuja, for its good influx of luxurious restaurants you can’t find in any other part of Nigeria.

On this post, we are going to take you on a reading tour regarding the best restaurants in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. Sit back, read carefully, and chose which best suit your taste for a vacation or fun.

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Top Best Restaurants In Abuja

Whatever is going through your mind right now, I just hope it should be a vacation thought. If I could guess your thought very well, your plans to visit Abuja, should please include visiting of the city best available restaurants before completing your vacation.

Whether it concerns Indian to Italian, Mexican, Asian or even Nigerian dishes, these restaurants provides the most quality and palatable dishes you can find across Nigeria. These restaurants also serves as good places to spent eating time with your family, friends, relationship partner or even business partners.

Here is the list of the best restaurants in Abuja.



The luxurious intercontinental restaurant is known for its great services and provision of sumptuous Mediterranean, Nigerian and even Asian dishes. This restaurant offers exclusive delicious cuisine, mouth watering dishes, which contains an extensive list of carefully prepared fresh ingredients. Aside offering of friendly environment and delicious dishes, the restaurant also serves as relaxed restaurant for international fare, outdoor pool, well equipped gym & a playground.

These available features that the restaurant possesses, are all what will leave you awe-struck when you visit it. Blucabana open hours starts from 9am and closes at 11pm. Although some days like Mondays to Thursdays, the restaurant usually closes at 10:30pm. It is also known for its great services and kind hearted waiters.

Wakkis RestaurantWakkis restaurant

Another best restaurant available in Abuja. The Wakkis restaurant is known for its best Indian and Nigerian dishes and also its provision of exclusively and sumptuous dining experience. It is a modern restaurant that inspires ideas with its environment and food, as you make out plans for projects. The Wakkis restaurant also serves traditional delicacies and has become one of a primary tourism restaurant in Abuja. It is a place for spending special moments with friends and families, enjoying your well planned vacation with delicious dishes.

The restaurant is located at 171 Aminu Kano Cres, Wuse 2 900288, Abuja. Their opening and closing hours cuts across 11am to 11pm from Monday to Sunday. If you are looking for the best restaurants in Abuja for your vacation, maybe you can consider Wakkis in your top list.

Charcoal Grill Restaurant And Lounge

Charcoal Grill Restaurant And Lounge 

The third on our list should be this great coffee restaurant. The charcoal grill restaurant and lounge is the hub of new dinners, catering services, and offers a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. These different dishes can include freshly caught grilled Croaker to sizzling steaks, succulent roasts chicken, lamb or beef to crisp and steaming vegetables in seasoned form.

This restaurant is also considered as a cool place to have your meals and probably do some work. Their services hours ranges from 7am to 11pm from Monday to Friday, only on Sundays do they open 10am to 11pm. It is located at Penthouse (KFC building), 112 Aminu kano crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria. You should consider visiting charcoal grill restaurant and get the best restaurant experience.

Abuja Boat Club

Abuja boat club

Maybe you are planning your Abuja vacation with some family members or relatives tagging along also, then this boat club restaurant should be your top priority. The Abuja boat club or Jabi boat club (as popularly known), is one of the finest and also one of best restaurants in Abuja.

It is a family entertainment center strictly designed for the sole purpose of offering water based recreational facilities for the people of Abuja and its environs as well as visitors and tourists, reaching out to all ages and inclinations. Boat cruising is one of the best experience to have in any vacation. The boat club is located at Nera Hotel Waterfront, 26 Alex Ekwueme Way, District 900001, Abuja, capital of Nigeria. The vacation centers opens daily from 11am to midnight. It offers a variety of various boats cruising including jet ski and fishing boats at a reasonable and affordable price.

Masala WahalaMasala wahala

In Nigeria the term “wahala” is the vernacular representation of the English word problem. But that doesn’t necessarily applies here in the Masala Wahala restaurant. This restaurant offers a great deal of delicious foods rather than the actual wahala Nigerians know. The South Indian cuisine restaurant located at the heart of Abuja, provides good services on authentic historical and cultural dishes. Restaurants like this that offer such delicacies are very rare, even across Nigeria. So finding one that is located at the capital city is very interesting and marvelous to hear. Masala Wahala offers a lot of cultural dishes including crabs samosas, green mung dal, wahala dal and a few to mention.

Your Abuja experience wouldn’t be complete without tasting the traditional native cuisines of this South Indian restaurant. The restaurant is located at First Floor, Ceddi Plaza, 905102, Abuja. Their opening and closing hours spans from 11am to 11pm daily.

Salamander Café

salaman Cafe'

Located at 5 Bujumbura St, Wuse 904101, Abuja. This is another great restaurant found in Abuja. It is considered as one of the best places to find good food, wine and art in Abuja. If you are looking for a restaurant that offers good breakfast, lunch and dinner experience, then salamander Café will serve you right. The Café is opened to both residents of Abuja and even foreigners, as it also offers a great deal of coffee and vegetarian foods.

It also boast of a section where books reading are being encouraged. Visitors who love reading books while gulping their coffee can get a meaningful experience from this restaurant. Maybe you should try the salamander Café on your next visit to Abuja, would you?

Dunes Continental

Continental dune

We have talked so much about restaurant dishes, but have you experienced a good serene environment in any restaurant you ever visited? Well the last on the list here should point you straight to one.

The dunes continental restaurant, is praised for its magnificent elegant arrangement of tables and chairs in the tones of brown and cream. it is considered as one of the best in the maritime district and its located 5th floor, Dunes center, Abuja. It also offers a wide variety of good dishes. Maybe you can visit this restaurant on your next visit to Abuja.

Holidays and vacations are very important. Planning one can be very hectic, especially when it concerns visiting a new city you totally have no knowledge about. If you are planning to visit Abuja or already a resident, It is very necessary you read and evaluate the above listed best restaurants available in Abuja. Chose which best fits your tastes, and get a good restaurant experience.

Also, don’t forget they are other best restaurants available in Abuja that this post couldn’t mention, explore and pick the suitable one for you.

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