Job Vacancies In Abuja

Job vacancies in Abuja, the capital city Nigeria.

On one of our previous post on this blog, we talked about how Abuja is a home of luxurious and wealthy lifestyle. We even went further to discuss about the best restaurants in Abuja. Apart from spending and enjoying your life in that capital city, there are also means of earning valuable income working in Abuja.

Due to the continuous increase of citizens population in Nigeria, we have seen the surging rise in the rate of unemployment. This has lead to many sectors of the country failing and crime rate being at its highest.

On this post we will narrow our attention to pointing out available Job vacancies in Abuja. As you read through, we will mention and explain each of those jobs, and help you pick what is best for you, to help reduce the rate of these crimes.

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8 available Job Vacancies In Abuja

As we have explained from the beginning of this post. Before writing this post, we have searched and inquired from many places to compile a good list of job vacancies in Abuja which can help you reduce the stress of searching for jobs by yourself.

Below are the lists of job vacancies in Abuja. Read and pick which is best fit for you.

Academy Administrator/ Manager

An academic administrator or manager is responsible for the delivery of quality performance in digital training. They also manage and train staff to deliver efficient, timely and transparent results in their performances. This individual plays important leadership role at schools, organizations or any business enterprise. An academic administrator can either be a principal of a school or even a managers of a business organization.

An academic administrator in Abuja plays important role in the management and development of a business. A full time academic manager in Abuja can earn NGN 250,000 – 400,000 monthly. The requirement to apply for this job is holding bachelor degree in Human Resource Management or Administration and other related courses.


Driving job is also among the job vacancies in Abuja. A driver is required to transport people and materials from one location to another. The driver role also is to carry out vehicles maintenance by checking and arranging these vehicles for repairs. Driving is among the highly available job vacancies in Abuja.

Any individual filling the role of a driver in Abuja can earn as much as NGN 75,000 or even less. The requirements needed for this job vacancy, is at least a high school certificate (SSCE) or having 2 or more years experience in driving. The individual should also have a driver license and must be ready to work for long hours.

Human Resources And Administrative Officer

A human resource officer, (shortened as HR) can be described an individual who specialize or generalize in carrying out employee relations, careers coaching, health and safety or headhunting. They are also responsible for the management of employees payroll in any organization. In Abuja, a human resource manager is in charge of recruiting, developing, and supporting talents through development policies and managing procedures.

This individual will also be in charge of posting ads, providing counseling on policies and procedures and Maintaining employee records. They also carry out other important roles. The required qualification for this job is a BSc/BA degree in social studies, business administration, or other related field of study. A human resource officer can earn NGN 75,000 – 150,000 working in Abuja.

Laundry Personnel

The role of a laundry personnel is to follow procedures that help in washing, sorting, drying, pressing(ironing) and folding of customers clothes. They use various available techniques to clean clothes and other textiles. A laundry personnel also delivers clients Laundry. Laundry services job is among the list of available Job vacancies in Abuja.

The requirements for qualification, is enough experience in laundry services. A good and highly patronized laundry personnel in Abuja can earn as much as N75,000 or less monthly.

Company Secretary

Secretaries in a company are in charge of running efficient administration of a company, ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. A secretary is among the top personnel in any company. A secretary can help in implementing the decisions made by the boards of directors.

A secretary also plays vital in a company, by helping to inform others of their duties, and also making sure that the rules and regulations governing that company are being abided.

This is another good available job any individual can find in Abuja. The academic requirements for this job is a B.Sc. degree with a minimum of 2.2 CGPA in a related field. Having enough working experience can also boost your chances of getting jobs like this in Abuja. A company secretary in Abuja can earn NGN 80,000 – 150,000 monthly.

Technical Sale Officer

These group of individuals promotes, auction and sell technical or scientific products for an organization. They identify, influence, and help customers buy products from their business organizations. They also inform customers on the latest upgrades or updates on their products and address customers queries.

A technical sale officer job is also among the jobs vacancies in Abuja. The educational requirements for qualification in this job is an OND degree and also at least a 1 year experience.


A professional who specializes in performing accounting functions. These functions may include, financial statement analysis, auditing, and even account analysis. An accountant serves as a financial professional to any accounting firm or a large company.

An accountant can also be responsible for the accounting properties operations. These operations include maintaining the system of accounting records and controls, preparation of periodic financial statements. The requirements for this job, is at least a minimum of 1 year experience in similar or related jobs.

The accounting job is among the highly paid job vacancies in Abuja. The Educational qualification for an accounting job in Abuja is holding a B.Sc. degree in accounting or other accounting related courses. An accountant in Abuja can earn up to N4,7824,700.00 yearly.

Pharmacy Inventory Supervisor

Lastly on our list of job vacancies in Abuja is the job of Pharmacy supervisor. A pharmacy supervisor, supervises the operational activities of a pharmacy. The role of a pharmacy supervisor also includes, maintenance of drugs, inventory control and even substances record keeping.

A pharmacy supervisor in Abuja earns as much as NGN 75,000  to NGN150,000. The educational requirement for this job is at least a diploma degree in pharmacy

They are many others job vacancies in Abuja which may not be mentioned on this post. Due to different organizations or companies having their various means of qualification, the employment and other qualification requirements might differ from the ones mentioned on this post.

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