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Driving jobs in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria.

Modern day Technologies has provided us with lots of opportunities to make substantial money by applying our skills and knowledge. One Such opportunity is seen in the role of driving. Abuja, the administrative and political city of Nigeria, is filled with so many jobs vacancies, including driving Jobs.

Just as we explain in many our different posts on this blog, Abuja doesn’t just have luxurious and wealthy lifestyles attached to it, but rather it is also a city of many opportunities. Top tier restaurants, beautiful & serene environments, and even jobs vacancies are all among the leading trends in Abuja.

For the sake of this post, and helping you fulfill your search curiosity, we will focus mainly on the available driving jobs in Abuja.

Read carefully and pick your choice.

8 Available Driving Jobs In Abuja

Below is the list of different kinds of driving job vacancies you can find in Abuja.

For qualification into this driving jobs, it is expected that you are already an experienced driver. Some of these driving jobs requires at least an SSCE certificate, but majority usually don’t. There is compulsory possession of valid driver’s license, and any national identity document.

Truck Driver

The first here on our list of driving jobs in Abuja is, the truck driver job.

The job of a truck driver is strictly for the purpose of driving trucks. These types of drivers earn their living from driving trucks. A truck driver is usually referred to as a trucker. The name given to any truck driver depending on their location.

In the United States American and Canada, trucks drivers are usually referred to as “driver”, whereas in a place like United Kingdom and other European Union, a truck driver is called Lorry driver.

Truck driving is among the driving jobs in Abuja. This type of driving job in Abuja as much as other driving jobs, requires an individual to be knowledgeable about Abuja Metropolis Route. Truck drivers deliver company goods or other valuables to store houses, etc.

A truck driver in Abuja , working in a good company can earn up to N2,286,700.24 yearly. Truck driving is among the highest paying driving jobs in Abuja.

Driver & Admin Assistant

A driver and Admin assistant role is to drive safely within the law of any given state or country. A driver assistant can play other roles such as acting as driver for project staffs, partner and other stakeholders.

An admin Assistant can also help carry out all other officials duties, such as performing other admin duties as required and acting as a driver for important duties in any company. These individuals assist in maintaining liaison with officials of immigration, Ministry of Health, and embassies for staff entry visa’s and renewal of passports and work permits.

Before qualifying for such job, an individual is required to have experience as a driver with administration duties, and some companies even require you gaining extra qualification by working for an NGO. A driver & Admin Assistant in Abuja earns averagely N826,780 yearly.

Hummer Bus Driver

A hummer bus driver is in charge of driving and taking care of hummer buses. These types of drivers are found in majority of road transport companies. This is also a type of available driving jobs in Abuja. A hummer bus driver role also includes, arranging for vehicle repairs and Keeping mileage records.

He or she also keeps repair records up to date. In most cases, a 2 to 3 years driving experience is needed to qualify for such jobs. A hummer bus driver must also have a clean driving record and a valid driver’s license. In Abuja hummer bus drivers earns N50,000 to N60,000 monthly.

Delivery Driver

This type of a driver travels for long distance. They are mostly concerned with collection of items and delivering it to their desired location. These items may include, food, furniture, mails, and other several packages.

Delivery driver jobs are among the most available driving jobs in Abuja, because there is a high demand of delivery of items from one location to another by residents of Abuja.

To apply for such jobs, an individual needs at least one year of experience in driving. Due to the high dealings with different customers, that individual must be fluent in English language and have good communication skills.

Only a few delivery jobs require educational certification, but in most cases, educational qualifications are not compulsory for such jobs. A delivery driver in Abuja can earn as much as N45,000 monthly for just delivering packages.

Personal Driver

A personal driver is in charge of operating vehicle or vehicles to transport people from one place to another. This type of driving job can be divided into two. A personal driver can work as a driver for any transportation company or agency and even as a private driver for an individual.

But as the name implies, such a driving job is mostly associated with private driving for a particular individual rather than a company. Personal drivers usually use their employers vehicles, only on rare cases do personal drivers use their own vehicles for such jobs.

Because of the high availability of wealthy individuals in Abuja, personal driver jobs are highly trending driving jobs in Abuja. This is the number one easy and available job you can find in Abuja. The most basic qualification for this type of job is possessing excellent skills in driving.

Although an educational qualification will make more sense, there’s little to no educational requirements needed in such a job. A personal driver should be able to perform vehicle maintenance and have good driving skills too. Personal drivers in Abuja for big companies like uber and zenith bank, earn as much as N110,000 to N150,000 as monthly salary.

Office Driver

An office driver serves as a private driver to big companies, firms, or offices. These types of drivers are usually private drivers rather the public drivers. Office drivers transport workers, employees, or directors of companies to their various destinations.

This is also a good driving job you can find in the list of driving jobs in Abuja. An office driver earns up to NGN 155,000 monthly in Abuja.

Heavy Duty Driver

These types of drivers transports goods to different locations with the help of heavy duty tractor-trailer trucks. They are mostly concerned with driving bigger trucks and machines. To qualify for such a job, an individual must have enough driving experience.

A heavy duty driver earns enormously, and their salary is dependent on the agreement with the company they drive for.

The role each of the above listed driving jobs requires good and excellent driving skills. Any good driver is expected to understand basic traffic laws and practices safe driving habits at all times. Since Abuja is a place filled with many wealthy individuals, getting such driving jobs are usually not stressful or hard to find.

Though there are many other available driving jobs in Abuja which were not mentioned here, these are the few we could come across for the moment. Always check back for more jobs updates within Nigeria and also more driving jobs in Abuja.

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